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I could use some advise on getting a new cup. I've used a large Yuuki for the past 4 (5?) years. It was a definitely a HUGE upgrade from the Diva (my first cup) just for the capacity, but I still get leaks on heavy days and can't make it through the heavy nights without leaks. I noticed a few abrasions on the rim, and figured it might be time to replace. I have a heavy flow, especially on my first two days and large capacity is an important factor.

When I leak on my heavy days, I often find that my cup is only half or 2/3 full (below the holes) when I empty. It's frustrating to leak below full capacity! This leads me to believe that a) I have the infamous dangling cervix that reduces the cup's capacity on heavy days OR, b) I have strong pelvic floor muscles that squeeze the bottom of the cup, therefore reducing capacity. Perhaps a combination?

I also briefly tried a large LadyCup. I loved the cup aesthetically, but found that it leaked much more frequently than the large Yuuki, so I only use it as backup or on light days. It seems like a pretty squishy cup to me, so maybe this worked poorly with stronger muscles.

I have a large Fleurcup coming in the mail. (It's inexpensive and easy to ship to my current location and seemed similar in shape and capacity to the Yuuki, which is *mostly* perfect for me.) I've also heard generally positive things about it.

I'm ALSO intrigued by the MeLuna Sport - I think a high capacity, stiffer cup might work better for a heavy flow combined with strong muscles, I think the MeLuna sport might be worth a try.

My questions:
1) How does the MeLuna sport stiffness compare to the older version of the Yuuki? Any other strong-muscled ladies have better luck switching to a stiffer cup?
2) Should I try the MeLuna sport large or extra large? I don't have a problem accommodating the large Yuuki or large Ladycup comfortably, and they both open completely upon insertion. Back in the day, I could accommodate Diva (the small size) comfortably without a stem, if that gives you reference for length.:)
3) Any thoughts on how Fleurcup compares to Yuuki? I was referred to Fleurcup as a good choice for ladies with the dangling cervix overflow problem and wanted to try it for that reason!

Thanks! This group is awesome. :)
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margalee on August 24th, 2014 07:08 pm (UTC)
The large has four holes that slant downward from the inside. They are small, which means clogging, so it might be leaking over the rim when the holes get clogged and the air can't displace properly.

With my LadyCup (big ole' holes) I got to even LESS capacity before it started leaking. But I think, since it's a squishy on bottom cup, that my pelvic muscles are just crushing it too much and reducing the capacity. Maybe a stiffer cup with horizontal, easy to clear holes is the best. Eager to see the hole size on the Fleurcup and Melunas now!

From what I can tell, the Fleurcup is a tad more rounded on bottom, which might give a few extra ml for dangling-cervix days.
xquizite_insomxquizite_insom on August 24th, 2014 06:04 pm (UTC)
I do not know what the Large Yuuki from 4 years ago was like. I do have the current ones; the classic, soft and economic. The Meluna Sport is pretty stiff. With the exception of my latex keeper, It is the stiffest cup I have. Yuuki's classic being known as "the rock" has nothing on Meluna's Sport. I have switched back and forth between cups and yes, I have used the Meluna sport without event.

You say capacity is important to you, the XL Meluna Sport it is comparable to the large Yuuki in size and capacity.

The large Fleurcup is softer than classic large Yuuki, about as soft as the large Yuuki economic but a tad firmer than the large soft Yuuki. The large fleurcup offers just a tad less capacity but is an excellent choice. My cervix dangles at times and both large Fleurcup and large Yuuki work well with that respect.

Edited at 2014-08-24 06:06 pm (UTC)
margalee on August 24th, 2014 07:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your helpful comment! I was really curious how the Yuuki and Meluna sport compared with stiffness. I got Yuuki when there was only one option, so I assume I have the classic stiffness!

My Yuuki has some life left yet and I love it to bits, so I'll hang onto it until it fully deteriorates, even if just as backup. It rides a bit lower on heavy days (when I get dangly-cervix), but I still can't feel it when it's in. On light days, my cervix is so high that the cup just vanishes! Even with a bit of leaking, it's nothing a liner can't handle and the capacity is still quite good, even if it can't reach the holes without leaking. Just hoping to find something that can fill to a full capacity without leaking.

I just did more research on cup dimensions and capacities, and it looks like MeLuna XL is comparable to Yuuki L in size. My one hesitation with the MeLuna XL is that the sport stiffness combined with the size might be too much. It makes me hesitate. I'm 25, average framed, no children. I so far haven't had problems accommodating larger cups, but I wonder if a stiffer large cup might just "buckle up" inside or cause discomfort.

I guess I'll see how it goes with the Fleurcup before ordering a MeLuna sport - still not sure about Large or XL for this stiffness!

I need, like, ALL the cups. :P
xquizite_insomxquizite_insom on August 24th, 2014 11:47 pm (UTC)
There was a time when Yuuki had only one softness and it was reportedly softer than the current classic, the soft is probably the reincartion of this original Yuuki.

Between the Meluna sport XL and L, the difference in stiffness is negligible. I think you are spot on with getting the large Fleurcup. Your pelvic floor muscles may not be the cause of the leaking. Try it out, hopefully that will work out and you will not need to purchase another cup.
I have gotten away from using my Meluna sport cups. I can feel the larger ones inside and at times it can be distracting and/or uncomfortable. I replaced it's use with the large Fleurcup and Instead softcup.
margalee on August 31st, 2014 08:29 am (UTC)
Update! My period came and Fleurcup is still in the mail, so I turned to my trusty Yuuki.

This time, I did some long-overdue research about leak troubleshooting, and... I think I'm finally onto something. I have my Yuuki working like a dream now. As in, this may be the first time I made it through a heavy night with no need for a pantyliner.

I figured out that while my periods seem heavy to me, I'm not actually bleeding much more than 30 ml on my two heaviest days. Nothing the large Yuuki can't handle, right?

Anyway, on my first two days, my cup often starts to leak at 15, sometimes even 10 ml, which was very frustrating, and the night leakage was the worst. When I would take the cup out (following a "gurgling" warning) there would be fluid on the rim, erm 'dangling' into the cup and on the outside. I'm guessing the holes got blocked, so the air pressure dislodged the seal, causing the contents to spill.

This problem only happens on my first two days, when my flow is more viscous and 'mucusey". Maybe the thicker fluid was causing the holes to become blocked more easily? My flow is much more watery on the remaining days, and I have no problems with leakage, even if i fill the cup to 20-25 ml.

Anyway, I figured I needed to do everything i could to get a strong seal and deal with the air pressure problem. A combination of the 'Marisette" method that I read about on this group and extra rotations seems to be working wonders. Made it through the first night of my period with no leaks. Woke up NOT in a murder scene. It was wonderful.

Still very excited to get my Fleurcup and give it a try next cycle.

Edited at 2014-08-31 08:31 am (UTC)