kettlek8 (kettlek8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Which cup for a lowish cervix? Mooncup UK S and L failed


I have been using menstrual cups for years. I had latex Keeper in my early 20s, but got worried about latex over exposure and took a break. Around 30 I got the MooncupUK in small. It worked well, but then it started to leak (33 yrs). I got the large Mooncup and had no problem until this spring. I'm now 38, no kids and with what I think is a lowish cervix. The large Mooncup didn't leak, but by the third day of my period if I took it out, I couldn't get it back into it's proper place. After insertion it would sit very low and not get "sucked up". I've gone back to tampons, but after a couple of months I've remember why I switch to cup in the first place.

Any suggestions about what cup to try next? Was the cup not getting into place because it was not wide enough? The cups that are wider than the Mooncup UK are significantly longer so I'm hesitant to buy them. I was looking at the Lybera, but you can't get that outside of Italian pharmacies.


Tags: cervix position, sizes/size issues

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