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Cup Softness & Period Weirdness

I have finally gotten a cup! First time using my divacup this period. I used it for the first two days (when I usually get cramping, though) and felt this pressure/discomfort against my bladder/uterus area/belly. (TMI, but it was also weird farting?) I'm pretty sure it wasn't my cramps that I usually get though, didn't feel like them. So I've decided the cup is too firm...

Also, my period has always been heavy (started it 2-3 years ago?) for the first day or two. But this time using the menstrual cup, it was soo pretty normal actually, I was like omg. I stopped using the cup after 2-3 days because of the discomfort, and ended up with no pain at all (!! for me thats like wow) and a much normal period using disposables (it may have been lighter as a cause of the cup? Idk it's never been this light ever). I was wondering, could the cup have had an effect on me? Damage, maybe? I noticed when I was inserting it, it was like KAPOW suction (no pain, just WOAH I guess it's suctioned) and I took it out by tugging some on the stem to pinch the base, but all was well I think. It did sort of seem like I was really tugging on my insides!

It may have just been my awareness of the cup, though I couldn't feel it, but I might've just had to get used to it being there? I'm not sure, really.

But anyways, I'm looking for a softer cup! My first question though, is if I get a meluna soft, and I don't know how strong/not strong my pelvic muscles are, if it does crunch up/collapse inside me, will it leak? (I've always ridden horses, and sometimes!!! I run and do exercises. But I'm like 5'6 and 105 pounds or so Idk if it makes a diff.) Because I don't see a problem with it crunching up as long as it doesn't leak. Also, will the rim have an effect on discomfort, depending on big/small firm/soft?

But is there any cup that is softer than a divacup, but not softer than a soft meluna (and, though not a huge factor, around the same build/size of the divacup)? I still don't know how high my cervix is, but while wearing the divacup I could just feel the stem, and push it out if I needed to (which I liked, noting that it was still there). Any variable in between that is what I'm looking for. Softer than divacup (if only by a little, at least) but not softer than meluna (lol is there even anything softer than that?).

AND FINALLY, sorry so much! I'm still sort of scared to sleep with a cup in. I usually sleep on my stomach or side. I'm not worried about leaking, but what about the menstrual flow? Will it "go back inside me" or cause any damage or trouble (because I'm laying down)? What if it like sits there, either on it's side or piled up?

Any insight at all on anything in this would be very much appreciated!!

P.S. I do not do not do not want a sckoon cup! I know about them, and that they're pretty soft, but I have my reasons for not wanting one.
Tags: cervix position, divacup, meluna, meluna - soft

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