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Dry-run, first time use with new suction holes, high cervix and a very slippery cup

I think I have now made ​​some very perfect suction holes. - See http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/3315785.html?thread=36388937#t36388937

After the first attempt, where I was completely unprepared (did a dry run and then couldn't get the cup out again and had to go to my doctor...), I now have respect for it, and I have read everything I could find in order to become a "cup-expert".

I planned to try my JuJu cup again, but this time during my period, and when the day came, I tried a few times to place it relatively low in the vagina and then take it out again. It went fine. I could push the cup out until I could squeeze the base of the cup to break the suction seal, and I could really feel a difference with the new holes in the cup.

However letting it ride all the way up was another thing. - I spent a whole hour staring at the cup with utmost respect, and unfortunately I ended up not having the guts to let it ride up. I think it's extra embarrassing to ask my doctor to remove it during menstruation.

I really want to try again one day where I don't have my period. I've read several post advising against dry-runs, but on the other hand, if the cup can only be removed during heavy menstruation, what should I then do at the beginning or end of my period where I don't bleed much?

My questions are:
1) Are there any experienced cup users out there who also have a high cervix and do dry runs? What is your experience?
2) Will I be able to push the cup some of the way out, when it is placed high in the vagina? Or will I have to tug on the stem until I can reach the base of the cup - with the risk of increasing the suction seal?
3) JuJu is a very comfortable cup, but it is very slippery. Do you think it is too advanced for a beginner like me with a high cervix?
Thanks in advance ;-)

I am not a virgin, but I haven't had children.
Tags: cervix position, dry run, juju, removal - painful or problems

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