idkjustasking (idkjustasking) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Bladder Sensitivity?

So I've had my menstrual cup in twice in a row after removal, and each time I've noticed discomfort. I'm pretty sure it's not just the cramping I'd normally get. It almost feels like I have to pee. It's a little painful, but mostly just uncomfortable, like when you haven't peed for a while but have to.

I didn't know I had a sensitive bladder, Idek if I do now, but I was originally worried that my muscles would crunch the cup. I am using a Divacup. Idk if I should go too much softer or not... And is TPE a reliable material? I mean, sanitarily, safe for your body...

I wonder if I keep having this discomfort, will it effect my bladder? But I still can't exactly tell if it's just cramps or the cup pushing on my bladder...
Tags: first time use

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