villsang (villsang) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Buying decisions

I've been using a small Lunette for some time, but I want to buy a larger cup for those first very heavy days and nights. I want a really soft cup, because my cup has been a bit uncomfortable on my very tender/crampy days, and I'm hoping a softer cup will help.

I've been leaning towards getting a Si-Bell, but the measuring lines on the new Natu cup got me interested in that one too. Can anyone compare the softness of the Si-Bell (large) with the new Natu (large)? And the silicone, does it feel very different? How is the new Natu to get to pop open?

The non-spill rim makes me very interested in the FemmyCycle too, but I'm afraid it's going to be too noticable on my crampy days - anyone have any experience with using the FemmyCycle on sensitive days?

I'm really hoping to just buy one more cup, so I want to get it right!
Tags: cramps, femmycycle, natu, si-bell
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