lovelorlo (lovelorlo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Totally TMI but I'm in need of some veteran cup users help!

Hello all! I just recently started using the model one Lunette cup but I'm having some problems and I'm not sure how to fix them. I've done a lot of research about cups and the learning curve but I still can't seem to find anything that matches my scenario so here goes! I have a long vagina (I recently learned this when researching cups) I can't even reach my cervix with my middle finger fully extended, which isn't a problem except that the stem of my cup seems to be pinching/poking me inside.

Most of the posts I've read about this say to trim the stem to make it shorter and more comfortable because the stem tends to poke outside on the labia. For me however, when the cup is inserted into the most comfortable place the stem is completely inside me by almost the length of my finger to the first knuckle (1.5 cm give or take) which makes me think it isn't necessarily the stem that I'm feeling. I'm afraid if I cut the stem I won't be able to reach the cup because at this point I need the stem to pull it the cup down enough to even think about grabbing the bottom of the actual cup...

SOOO I'm at a loss as to what to do. I really want to love my cup but it always seems to be poking or prodding me in some way, is it something that I'm not doing right or do you think it really is the stem that I'm struggling with? Any advice would be lovely especially from those of you with cervix's that are wayyy up there! Thanks ladies!

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