juliah456 (juliah456) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Persistent failure to insert

I've checked everywhere and haven't found a post to help me! Hope you all can lend some advice.

I'm 16, virgin, medium (I believe?) cervix, never used a cup before. Purchased diva cup 1 today and decided to try it... Hours later I'm extremely upset with no success.

I'm on my second day of my period and I have spent the whole day trying every fold, technique and sitting position I can find and I still can't get it past half way in. I have been very relaxed each time, until about my 5th try where I just burst out in tears (I cry a lot, I guess) and gave up. I really want this to work for me as I'm very active with a very, very heavy flow and I've never been able to get tampons in comfortably. In fact they usually slide out or I can feel them, even though I've tried wearing them countless times. I've about given up hope on the Diva cup. Anyone have advice on this? I really want it to work.
Tags: first time use, insertion

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