knackeredfanny (knackeredfanny) wrote in menstrual_cups,

help finding a new cup post childbirth please....

feeling a bit down - just got my period 10 months after my VBAC and still not right down below... I am beginning to realise it may NEVER be right down there but I am shocked at how baggy my vagina is :( I think I probably have a slight prolapse and have an appointment booked with the GP to ask for some Oestrogen pessaries but i don't think my oestrogen will be that low now i have had a period? Which means I am stuck with a v baggy fanny...

Anyway my cup question - I used to use a UK Mooncup in the bigger size for over 30s/ post childbirth. my cervix was high and it was a bit of a struggle to get it in but it worked well.
Now I have no trouble getting it in but it begins to slide out immediately and it feels too long, even if i cut the stem off completely and if it would stay in. My cervix now feels low - 2nd knuckle and wow, there is just soo much room!
Is there another cup I could try that is wider and shorter than a UK Mooncup? Don't think a mooncup would turn inside out?

Tags: postpartum

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