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Softer cups: leaky with sports or certain positions? Lower capacity?

My small 20 ml Diva doesn't leak even during yoga, but it's too firm and crampy. I want to try a softer cup, but would that mean 1. I can't be in certain positions because leaking, 2. that it might leak more, and 3. that my muscles might scrunch it up and lower the capacity? I love that the larger cups hold 30 ml to the holes, but I'm worried a softer cup would mean my heavy days I'd change more or just as often as the usual 3 hours.

I've narrowed my search once again to an XL Meluna soft/classic, an L Fleurcup, an L Si-Bell, a Luv Ur Body, or a Gaiacup. Since the diameters are 5-6 mm bigger than the Diva that gives me cramps, I'm worried getting anything other than the softest cup would give me the same cramps.

My university is all hills and stairs and at times strenuous walking, and I'd like to sit and lie in any position without worrying about gushes and running to the dorm bathrooms through the hallway.

I'm 18, have a high cervix, and have used dildos no problem.

Thanks so much for your comments on my last post! I've since looked at those cups and others and would really appreciate help on the new questions that arose since my last search.
Tags: fleurcup, luv ur body, meluna, meluna - soft, si-bell

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