sammi_j1234 (sammi_j1234) wrote in menstrual_cups,

FleurCup leaking after horse riding?

Hi everyone,

So my period has just (in the last 3 cycles) gotten extremely heavy (changing my small lunette every two hours on the first two days and then reducing in roughly 2 hour blocks in changing time) because of this I decided to buy a large fleurcup.

Now my lunette has always been fine horse riding apart from the fact that I needed to change it too often and this would get in the way of my practicing. I went riding with my new fleurcup a few days ago (changing my cup before) and then when I got home after 1 hour riding lesson it was leaking/there was fresh blood in my undies. I only had it in for the lesson and a two hour car trip (3 hours total) and I know that I can keep it in longer than that because I had been wearing it for a few days prior!

Anyone of you lovely people have any advice for me?

Thanks in advance :)

Tags: fleurcup
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