you let me fly (bemuzed) wrote in menstrual_cups,
you let me fly

Diva after lap?

Hello All!

I'm new to the community but I'm a 10+ year Diva girl :)

I had laparoscopy 2.5 weeks ago to remove mild endometriosis and my period is a few days away.  I had spotting for a few days following the procedure and I was told to use pads...I did, but truly, never again (if possible) lol cups are the best invention ever!

So, the question is, has anyone here had lap and used their cup on the first cycle after the procedure?   I called my gyno's office and he is on vacation,  I tried to find some info online, to no avail.

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous to use my Diva (my cervix is still quite tender) but I'm almost equally nervous to know I have a potentially torrential period coming and pads are the only alternative :(

Any and all experiences are welcome!! And thank you in advance :)

Tags: divacup
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