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Hi there I'm new to all this menstrual cup malarkey but after considering one for about ten years I finally took the plunge by buying a less expensive 'Aneer' one from ebay to see how I got on.
I'm 38, but haven't had children so I chose the larger cup as recommended.
The only thing is, though I don't really have problems inserting it, I think it isn't opening up properly when it's inside (I'm assuming this is the case as when I've pulled it out there is more blood on the outside of the cup than the inside, and I leak) I've tried the different folds suggested, after reading that the c-fold and the punch-fold don't open up as easily once inside (although they pop open easily enough while I'm trying to insert, grrr).
I've also tried 'rotating' the cup but it is so tightly wedged in that the only direction I can physically move it is down. I've tried wiggling it up and down and all kinds!
I was wondering if perhaps I'm too narrow and maybe that is the issue? I mean, probably tmi but, I haven't had sex for ten years and even before then I wasn't massively sexually active. I understand my bits are supposed to loosen up as I get older, but I wondered if the fact that nothing other than tampons (lubricated or I have troubles getting them in) going up there means I'm not quite as stretchy as I could be? Could it be that even at 38 I need the smaller size?
Do other people find their cups easy to rotate once inside?

That said, I've only been trying (a lot) since yesterday and maybe I'm jumping the gun a little?

Also, how do people in this group know how long their cervix is? How on earth do I measure that?

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