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Need softer cup, higher capacity, blue

Hi, everyone! I got the small Diva two years ago. No problems popping open or leaking unless full, but it worsens my already hellish cramps, and gives me cramps immediately after I put them in on my heavy first few days.

I've heard firm cups cause cramps, so I'm looking for 1. a softer cup with 2. a higher capacity and 3. a blue color because it's really pretty
。◕ ‿ ◕。

Can I please have help deciding between the Sckoon, Meluna, Lunette, and Fleurcup?

I'm 18. I'm not very sporty, but I did yoga every other day this schoolyear. My first 2-3 days are usually heavy. The Diva holds 20 ml to the holes, and on my heaviest days I have to change every three to four hours. (That's 6 times, including morning and bedtime. So that's an average flow of at least 260 ml a cycle holy crap.) And I measured the length to my cervix on a heavy day--about 60 mm (2 1/2 inches).

I can manage my Diva fine with the uncomfortable stem cut off, so those aren't a factor for me.

The Diva rim diameter is 41 mm and is a little more oval-shaped once it's in, but I don't think a larger diameter of 46ish would cause problems. Please let me know if you think it would.

I'm considering:
1. a large Sckoon
-soft and holds 30 ml
-but I'm worried about the flared top (potential cramps/uncomfortable?), the rounded bottom being uncomfortable, and I've heard placement and popping open is difficult
2. a large classic Meluna
-but only holds 24 ml
3. a large Fleurcup
-soft and holds 29 ml
-but pronounced ridge (cramps?) and looks like blue not available anymore.
4. a large Lunette
-holds 29 ml
-but is firmer than the small (cramps?)

One of my worries is that my muscles would squeeze the cups and lower the capacity and keep them from fitting. Is that a huge possibility?

This community has been a huge help with my research the past 6 days. I've basically spent every free moment trying to find the right new cup for me. If you you lovely folks could, please let me know if my worries for the cups are correct or not. Thanks so much!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cramps, fleurcup, heavy blood flow, lunette, meluna, sckooncup
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