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Newbie deciding on first cup

So I'm deciding what to get for my first cup!

I'm in my early twenties, sexually active, and have a relatively heavy but short period. I use 3-4 Always overnight/regular pads a day on heavier days and always need wings. Generally they last four days, and an additional 2-3 days of spotting. I recently tried Instead Softcup as it's in local grocery stores, to test if I'm comfortable putting in/taking out/mess etc. and I loved it! It's dramatically less mess and damp than pads, didn't need to wipe nearly so much when changing. It leaked a little, so I still wore a pad jic, but dramatically better.

So I'm looking at getting my first real cup, as I'd like to not need to buy new ones every period. I measured my cervix distance a few times during my period and could just reach it with my longest finger, 8 cm. So I'm thinking I'm probably fine with longer cups. I'm considering the Meluna L, Yuuki, Ladycup L, and Femmecup

I'm leaning towards the Yuuki and Meluna if only because they're less expensive, and I'm cheap. I'm also not sure how I feel about stems, as I'm open to the idea of PIV intercourse during my period, so something that would be smooth would be nice. I like that they have rounded bottoms for the same reason. But I'm also uncertain what would be easy to take out, so which ones would be ok to cut the stem off? I'm thinking the meluna ball or ring, but I don't know if you can cut them or not. I'm comfortable with reaching up in there to get it out, so if I can go without a stem and get it out reliably I'm thinking I will.

Also I have no idea firmness wise. Maybe I should aim for average firmness and see how it goes from there?

All advice super welcome, thanks!
Tags: femmecup, first time use, lady cup, meluna, stem length/trimming, yuuki
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