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20 July 2014 @ 11:38 pm
I've looked at the size charts a million times but I'm still confused. My cervix on my period ranges from 1.5-2 inches depending on the day. So just about 4cm to 5cm what length cup should I be looking for?
..::bella vita::..por_que_no on July 21st, 2014 11:38 am (UTC)
A short cup will be easiest for you. How's your flow--light/moderate/heavy? I think you'd like some of the smaller Meluna cups, but maybe not the largest sizes. They come in 3 levels of firmness as well and are among the shortest cups. You could also get a Fleur or Si-Bell and just cut off the stem completely.
upickforme on July 21st, 2014 02:45 pm (UTC)
Light flow. I have one day that I consider heavy but I don't think it's actually all that heavy.
So a medium meluna should be ok for me length wise? I'm thinking ball stem, or maybe ring.
Serpent: neutralserpent_849 on July 21st, 2014 07:58 pm (UTC)
the medium meluna is pretty similar to what many other companies call the small size (lunette, fleurcup, yuuki etc).
see this post http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/3317047.html is your cervix dangly? do you fit the normal guidelines for large size, like kids or over 30? basically, a narrow cup will sit below your cervix, while a wide cup can sit around it. i'd say that unless you're a virgin and never used tampons, wide is better.

i have an extremely low cervix and melunas work best for me, but not the current default ones - the mini ones. my goldilocks cup is the medium mini soft, 45x45. my cervix is probably somewhat lower than yours though.
upickforme on July 21st, 2014 08:28 pm (UTC)
Yes I fit the requirements for a large! Which is why I'm so unsure as most larges are also longer than the smalls. I'm not sure how much room I have around my cervix as it sits kind of snug against the left side. ( right up against the left wall I guess?) to the right of it I can reach much higher.
At its highest(ovulation) it's usually around 6ish cm so I'm assuming it's also dangly since there is such a big difference in height from the highest to lowest point?
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 21st, 2014 10:15 pm (UTC)
The size charts at http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/ were revamped a little today. You might have to refresh your page if you were there recently.

Also, maybe this will help?
Serpentserpent_849 on July 21st, 2014 11:29 pm (UTC)
well the guidelines really only apply to the width. like, there are cups where the length is the same for both sizes but the large is wider. so i'd say a medium meluna mini is a good option if you don't need much capacity (i used to think i have one or two heavy days but even 1/3 of the capacity is enough, and on other days my small mini 40x40 is fine too but i prefer the medium).

as for meluna stems, the ball and ring look cool but the traditional stem is the safest option since you can trim it or cut off completely. the ball can technically be cut off but i don't recommend it :/ also it's not like you even need a stem, having such a low cervix. be sure to look at the lengths with a stem.
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 21st, 2014 02:01 pm (UTC)
Get a knock-off cup from eBay. The small size is TINY so I would recommend the large. At 45x50 it works out as medium width and 1mm short of medium length -- so it's not so "large" after all. At less than $10, it's cheap enough to be no big deal if it turns out to be the wrong size -- and then you can figure out where to go in terms of dimensions from there.

They call it a Lady cup and a Ruby cup in their ad but it's not. It's a generic knock-off: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151355484100 Choice of 3 colors and two sizes.
upickforme on July 21st, 2014 02:46 pm (UTC)
Are they safe though?
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 21st, 2014 03:04 pm (UTC)
I don't know. If you don't trust them, go with your gut and get one you feel better about. As for MeLunas, which you mentioned in another reply, they tend to "run small" so if you compare dimensions, their medium is more like what others call a small. Don't go by what a cup is called. Go by dimensions.
Menstrualcup.coloveyourcup on July 23rd, 2014 07:31 am (UTC)
Call me old fashionned but I wouldn't go for fakes. first because we can't be sure of the quality of the silicone (it's IN your body) Secondly because it's not so nice to support companies who just rip off other honest companie's design. All that to save a few bucks.
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 23rd, 2014 03:05 pm (UTC)
I agree about the ethical dilemma but on the other hand, look at all the name brand cups (that you sell) that are very similar to each other in dimensions or design.

As for quality, I'm not so quick to jump on the "it must be bad if it's from the Far East" bandwagon. Yeah, we've all heard the horror stories. But not everything made there is bad. And I think we would all be surprised at how much we put onto and into our bodies that comes from there. We don't dislike those things until we attach our fears to them.
Serpent: suomiserpent_849 on July 23rd, 2014 05:02 pm (UTC)
This. In Finland, for example, cups are in the same league as toothbrushes etc, and all the safety testing is entirely the Lunette company's responsibility. Yet most assume that a product made in the EU was subjected to a more rigorous testing than, say, in Russia. The truth is that within the EU it depends on the individual country.

Not to mention that for example many FDA decisions have been dubious and commercially driven.
Menstrualcup.coloveyourcup on July 26th, 2014 05:18 am (UTC)
Yes for sure most cups are very similar to one another. As long as they are legit there is not so many shapes a cup can have :)

the knock off might be fine quality wise, it's more of an ethical issue for me, they're all fairly small companies going go thru long process and lots of money to be able to sell legally so I'd rather support them than a company who just copied something because they could.

It's a bit the same with clothes, i prefer to pay a bit more and buy the jacket that small designer made with all his heart than buy the knockoff cheaper.

it's a free world, we all make choices but we know what we support when we buy.
Menstrualcup.coloveyourcup on July 23rd, 2014 07:27 am (UTC)
sort out by size on this table
you can click on the column names to sort out by size. You can see length of the actual cup and total length with stem. That should give you an idea of what would work best for you.

Edited at 2014-07-23 07:27 am (UTC)