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19 July 2014 @ 10:45 pm
I'm new to this community and to menstrual cups so here goes...

Background info on me: 28 years old, no children, sexually active, medium to high cervix, very clotty period

I just bought a divacup and have had quite the time with the learning curve. Insertion is easy, I've had no trouble getting it in and positioned correctly.

My problem is removal :( The seal on this cup is a little over the top!! The first two times I tried to remove it were terrifying and ended with me swearing to never try again. But...I just spent money on this cup and I LOVE the idea of menstrual cups so I used a hole punch to make the anti-suction holes bigger. The next two times I removed it, were better but still kind of painful and still leaving me with questions/concerns...

1) When I remove the cup, there's always a little bit of bright red blood on the tissue. Am I hurting myself?? My thoughts were that I had ripped my perineum a bit or that my cervix was somehow injured??
2) I seem to have a dangly cervix...when I'm removing the cup, it really feels like my cervix is INSIDE the cup. So...with that in mind, is it bad/harmful for me to tug on the cup without breaking the seal until I can reach the rim of the cup to release that suction? I don't want to cause myself any injuries trying to use this thing!! My cervix (or my insides, can't be sure it's my cervix) do feel tender/aggravated/swollen now after using the cup for two days.

I guess those are my questions. I know they've been asked before but I'm just worried I'm doing myself harm! I've been reading up on other cups and am wondering if something softer might suit me better. Going by the size charts, a medium to long length cup should fit me well. I was considering the Si-Bell because everyone seems to say the suction is very low on this cup which would help me a lot with removal. Has anyone used both the divacup and the Si-Bell? How do they compare?

Any help is greatly appreciated!! I've already learned so much from this forum!
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 20th, 2014 02:00 pm (UTC)
No, don't get another cup yet. It's not the cup, it's your technique.

The idea is to get air into/above the cup so that you don't create suction on the way out. Whether that air seeps in slowly through the anti-suction holes or whooshes over the rim doesn't matter. I think the problem is that you are rushing the removal process. The more you rush, the longer it takes and the harder it is. So TAKE YOUR TIME and figure out what combination of techniques works best for you. You might have to repeat some steps a couple of times. And then rock it out at an angle. There is a lot of good advice under the REMOVAL tags.