zingril (zingril) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Size? Brand?

Hi, first of all, thanks so much to all for some very helpful posts! I am considering getting a cup, but have a few questions.

I am 33, but am still a virgin, let alone no childbirth. I seem to be quite long, and tight, and have a hard time getting a tampon in far enough to be comfortable. I'm thinking of getting a Diva size one, even though I'm over thirty. Any advice? I'm not completely ruling out ordering something, but I don't have a credit card, so it's difficult and I would prefer to stick to something I can pick up in the US.(Also a little concerned about getting something I'll be able to use the next ten years, or so)

I also wondered about this yeast infection thing. I usually get one around my period, but it's pretty mild since I've been on the Pill. Should I be concerned about using a cup?
Thanks for any help!
Tags: age, buying decisions, divacup, first time use, sizes/size issues, yeast infections

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