aeblackman77 (aeblackman77) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup won't stay in

I asked about this a while back so I apologize but I can't seem to find info to help me solve this problem. I have 2 cups, a diva cup and a fleur cup and neither stays in. No matter what I do, the cup always slides down so that it is hanging out of me (i.e. I can feel it when I wipe after I pee). I have to reach in and push it up or re-insert it several times or just deal with the slightly uncomfortable feeling of it hanging out. The cup is indeed open all the way and I can spin it so that means it is sealed, I believe. I chopped the stems off both and have worn the diva inside out which helps some with discomfort. They also feel fine when sitting and sleeping and I have no leaking issues. Is this just how it is for some women? Is my pelvic floor destroyed from having two kids? Is my cervix too low for a cup? It isn't terribly uncomfortable, I guess. I am just used to the feeling now, but I would prefer to not feel anything as with tampons. I'd like to hear if other women have had this issue with cups. I guess I thought when I started using cups it would be this amazing experience I kept reading about (can't feel anything, only changing the cup a couple times a day) but it isn't like that at all for me. I will probably keep using them because I had so many leaking issues with tampons, but I would just like to not feel so lousy about them or that I am only comfortable when sitting or sleeping.

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