Kai (kuradi8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How Can We Improve this List?

I've been thinking: How can we better help newcomers to this list and to cup usage in general?

It seems that the same questions come up time after time, and many of us repeat the same advice in the same words in post after post after post.  Many of us tell newcomers to read the replies under the (insertion, cleaning, leakage, whatever) tags but as the thread progresses, it becomes clear that they haven't.  Similarly with posts at the FAQ.  Even when told to read specific posts, it soon becomes apparent that many haven't.

Similarly, how can we undo the "damage" that the instructions that come with cups do?  The illustrations showing a cup-length or more between the rim and the cervix are WAAAAY out of proportion.  No wonder so many newbies struggle while trying to follow "impossible" directions!

What we're doing here is good but it must not be that effective because we are repeating ourselves over and over.  How can we make it easier for newbies?  How can we head off most of these issues before they happen?  How can we get our good advice and information out there?
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