kelly8910 (kelly8910) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking leaking leaking. I want to cry.

My info: I'm 29 have had kids. I would say medium to higher cervix as in hard time reaching with fingers when I try.

I've tried diva size 2, sckoon size 2 and Mooncup size A basically the sizes for women who have had kids.

Every time I use a cup it leaks. I know the rim is all the way open as I can feel it and also hear it Pop. The moon cup says to place low in the vagina same with diva as in not up around cervix though honestly I've tried low and high and kegels to place it with No luck. I'm desperate to ditch tampons and love the idea of the cup I just wish it worked.

So I want to try one more cup but Not sure which was thinking wider might Be better so maybe the ladycup large, my reasons being The mooncup A moves to much inside me like I can easily pull it out with little effort and it's 4.4 cms wide I think, the diva doesn't move so much but I've never had any luck getting that to work. I have no issues with the firmness or length or stem of any of the 3 cups I've tried basically my
Only issue is the leaking. Also what positioning is better? Around cervix, by cervix or low by vaginal opening? If my cervix tilts left or right could that cause the leaking? Sometimes the cup barely had anything in it but tons on my pad.

I'm desperate! Please anyone guide me! I just want a cup that doesn't leak. Oh and they all leak no matter my flow wether it's light medium or heavy every single time.
Tags: divacup, sckoon

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