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06 July 2014 @ 12:54 pm
I've been looking into menstrual cups and I am rather frustrated. I'm young (under 20 but over 17), a virgin, have never used a tampon or had anything up my vagina. I don't think I have my hymen anymore (incident). I have noticed that women who laud menstrual cups have had to try different ones before getting them to work (way expensive), and those who are trying are constantly dealing with leaks and troublesome/painful insertion or removal or both. This is despite all the research they have done. It's not like they are cheap, or there is a one size/stiffness/length fits all. But I really liked the idea. Honestly, looking back at ur menstrual cup experience, or going thru it now, was it really worth it?
Ashatenlegspider on July 6th, 2014 05:56 pm (UTC)
People are much more likely to post about problems than about everything working fine, and I'm sure there are a lot of people who are happily using their first cup that never think to look for somewhere on the internet where they can talk about menstrual cups. I wish newbies here weren't told that they need to study the charts and not just pick a cup because it's cheap or they like the colour, because while it's great to have all the comparison charts if you find you need them, I think the idea that I should know what level of stiffness I need before ever having a tried a cup would have put me off if I'd come here when I was a tampon user.

I got my first cup in 2002, when there were only three brands on the market, and the one I got was a small MCUK because that was the only brand I knew about at the time and I was under 30. I found insertion and removal a bit awkward at first, but never had any leaks or other problems. After a couple of months I was comfortable, and after year or two I'd had enough practice that insertion and removal were completely trivial. I was an LJ user and at some point after I learned to use my cup I joined this community. Some time after that I felt my cervix for the first time. When the Ladycup appeared (I think that was the 6th brand) the smallness of the small model was a novelty and I wondered if it would work for me, so I bought one even though I was happy with my Mooncup. I'm also happy with my Ladycup; it's the one I use now because I prefer the softer rim, but if I lost it I'd probably go back to the MC rather than buying a new LC. They're both great.

My friend bought herself a Mooncup because that's what's in the shops here. She learned to use it without any trouble. Her sister bought a Mooncup and had cramping issues so I sent her a link to the folding techniques and said that she might find she needed a different cup, but she was fine with the Mooncup in the end. I have other friends who bought Mooncups and as far as I know they've all been happy with them (one complained about the name, but not the product). Some people can't use the first cup they try, but they appear to be in the minority.

It turns out that I have a low cervix and the small Mooncup minus stem seems to be about as long as it could possibly be for me, so there are lots of cups that probably wouldn't fit me. I think it's a great idea to try to find your cervix so you know whether you should rule out the longest or shortest cups (if you can feel all the way around it don't get a long one, if you can't find it don't get a short one, otherwise don't worry about it). Consider your flow, too. All but the teeniest cups hold more than a pad or tampon, but if you fill one every two hours you'll be happier with a cup that holds much more.

Becoming a cup user is not as difficult as you've been led to believe, however if the things that have never been in your vagina include your own fingers then that'll be an obstacle. You'll have to get a thumb and finger at least far enough to pinch the base, plus you should know which direction your vagina goes - you can learn that from diagrams, but it's better if you've felt it yourself. Get to know your vagina, and if you don't feel ready to do that then cloth pads might be more your scene.

Edited at 2014-07-06 06:05 pm (UTC)