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06 July 2014 @ 12:54 pm
I've been looking into menstrual cups and I am rather frustrated. I'm young (under 20 but over 17), a virgin, have never used a tampon or had anything up my vagina. I don't think I have my hymen anymore (incident). I have noticed that women who laud menstrual cups have had to try different ones before getting them to work (way expensive), and those who are trying are constantly dealing with leaks and troublesome/painful insertion or removal or both. This is despite all the research they have done. It's not like they are cheap, or there is a one size/stiffness/length fits all. But I really liked the idea. Honestly, looking back at ur menstrual cup experience, or going thru it now, was it really worth it?
darkanddusty on July 6th, 2014 05:45 pm (UTC)
Totally worth it.

Keep in mind that people are way more likely to post with problems/questions instead of just "yeah, my cup is great, woo!" There are plenty of people, including myself, who did their research, got a cup that works on the first try, and haven't had a serious problem since.

When I bought my Diva Cup, I pretty much just asked a friend who was already using on, and checked the size charts to see if my cervix would be high enough. After I figured out how to get it in and take it out, I haven't had any problems besides leaks now and then overnight, and I'm okay handling those. Is there a better cup out there for me? Maybe. But it's not like there is only one cup that will work, and the rest will be awful. It's more on a scale of good/better/best, and chances are that you will be able to pick a cup that you're happy with even if it's not "perfect".

I've had my cup for a year and the amount of money I've saved on tampons alone is enough to make it worthwhile. Besides that, my cup is way more comfortable, doesn't ever give me a moment of "omg when was the last time I changed my tampon I'm going to get TSS and die" panic, and is just generally so much easier to use. 10/10, would do it all over again.