wendy_rn29 (wendy_rn29) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New to cup life, post childbirth and MOON CUP UK

I came across this community on my search. I am grateful to have, I never knew there were some many options. Along the way, reading through posts I noticed a lot of women liked the UK moon cup but said it was not available in the US. naturally i was curious and looked it up. I may not have seen a later post that said other wise but I did find that they are now selling to the US.its called MCUK. I ordered one and anxious to see how well it works. I am currently using the instead cup ( I am new to the cup use only my 2nd time) and while they are better than tampons, the leak and slip. I see a lot of post from younger girls and the suggested cups but not much for 33 with 2 vaginal births. along with the moon cup UK, I ordered a sckoon and ruby cup. I have a high cervix and heavy flow. Are these any that you would recommend?
below is the link for the moon cup UK

Tags: cervix position, heavy blood flow, mooncup (uk), ruby cup, sckoon

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