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IUD feels incompatible with cup!

Hello, everyone! I've been perusing this community for a while, but haven't ever had a reason to post. Now I do.
About me:
25 years old; sexually active; no children; have been using my divacup (small) successfully for many, many years. A year ago I got a copper IUD fitted, and I absolutely love it. However, I've just noticed that I haven't been using my cup as regularly since I got the IUD (opting instead for cloth pads), and I finally figured out why: I feel like the divacup is quite lengthy, and to get it to "pop" open and create suction, I need to place it fairly high in my vagina (very close to my cervix. Which is fine; it's comfy that way and it works).
I know this doesn't happen often, but I am nervous about tugging on my strings and accidentally dislodging my IUD (placing it was painful to a traumatic degree, and I'm not eager to repeat that experience any sooner than I have to).
I guess my questions are these:

1. My OBGYN has told me that I have a high cervix (quote: "Huh... It's really far up there, isn't it?), but menstrual cups shouldn't have to sit so high up, should they? That being said, when I try to position the cup away from my cervix lower down in the vagina, it cannot fully pop open, I can't get a good seal, and it peeks out of my vagina (even with the stem trimmed). I've tried many folds and running it under cold water, but no dice. My divacup and my cervix are BFFs and will not be separated without a fight. I have tried many different folds, and I have always run it under cold water. Like I said if I shove it way up there it works like a dream, but I'm hoping there's a way I can avoid placing it so high up.

2. Has anyone here run into similar issues? Should I be looking for a different cup with a shorter length? My periods were very heavy for a few months post IUD insertion, but they've mellowed out a lot recently and the divacup's capacity is more than adequate. Should I perhaps be looking for a firmer cup?

I just feel a little stumped. Does anyone have any insight about IUDs/menstrual cup placement/both of these things together?

I appreciate any insight any of you might have, and I thank you in advance!

EDIT: I do understand that shorter cups tend to "ride up with wear", so I realize that may not be the solution. I already have to essentially reach up near my cervix to break the seal if I insert my divacup comfortably. It just seems like with a long cup (the one I have) it sits at my cervix, and with a short cup it would float up toward my cervix. Is this just the way it is? The instructions for most cups say they should sit past the pubic bone but not all the way up there, but this has not been my experience.
Tags: divacup, iud, leakage & spotting, popping open, seal & suction, sizes/size issues
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