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03 July 2014 @ 04:41 pm
I need help figuring out a new cup that will work for me. Yes I have done lost of reading on the charts and previous posts and am still confused.

About me: I started off with a Diva Cup about 5 years ago (I also use cloth pads as back or sometimes when not using a cup). I had a baby naturally in dec 2012 and am 30 years old now. I have only have two cycles since having my son and I had bought through a coop a no name menstrual cup size 2 and used it my first cycle back the whole way but found it super uncomfortable. This past cycle I attempted to use it the first couple of days but my cervix was unusually high at that point and it was in a weird spot and i couldnt get the cup to pop open so gave up and used the cloth pads. I then used it for the next two days because i was horse riding and then out at party. My cervix was really low which is common. It was rubbing at the vaginal enterance and really irritating me so i went back to cloth pads. The rim also felt uncomfortable. (I cut of the stem completely from this one as well as on my diva.

I think i need a shoter cup or something a different shape. I am in Canada. I am also petite (5'1") 125lbs. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks.
Sal McGhostface Killahbeuk on July 4th, 2014 02:25 am (UTC)
You didn't make this clear, but did you try the diva post-birth or did you follow the guidelines that 30+ and/or parous persons should choose a larger cup? How did the cup work for you before you gave birth? The diva is a long cup and you said your cervix is often low.

You also may wish to measure your off brand cup to see just how long it is and use that as a reference when looking at the size charts - choose a length that will work for a low cervix.
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 4th, 2014 02:54 am (UTC)
Using what you know, like and don't about your Diva and the mystery cup, figure out what length and width you think will fit you. Then look on the size charts to see if there's anything in that range. Also consider the shape of the cups that qualify. Narrow/conical or wide bodied? Flared rim or not? Pointy base or blunt? See what cup(s) come closest to what you think would be ideal and go for it.

Very few cups can't be shipped to Canada so you have a wide array of choices. As for external dimensions, they have nothing to do with internal ones. :o)
Xymenahxymenah on July 4th, 2014 09:47 pm (UTC)
I have no tried my Diva again since having my son. I just assumed I needed to move to a size 2 so when a coop had the other on a good deal i got one. I didnt get my cycle back til my son was 16 months. The diva was always long but other then that was super comfy. The mystery cup is about 5mm shorter then the diva and I still feel its a bit too long and the rim is actually not comfortable at all. I can feel my muscles fighting it. I think i need something in the 4 - 4.5 cm length range... uhm not sure on rim width (maybe something med to soft... i will have to compare the two on this... was thinking more rounded if it is a bit longer then it wont be so pokey and uncomfortable. I always clip the stems and have never had trouble getting one out. Thanks.