Xymenah (xymenah) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need help figuring out a new cup

I need help figuring out a new cup that will work for me. Yes I have done lost of reading on the charts and previous posts and am still confused.

About me: I started off with a Diva Cup about 5 years ago (I also use cloth pads as back or sometimes when not using a cup). I had a baby naturally in dec 2012 and am 30 years old now. I have only have two cycles since having my son and I had bought through a coop a no name menstrual cup size 2 and used it my first cycle back the whole way but found it super uncomfortable. This past cycle I attempted to use it the first couple of days but my cervix was unusually high at that point and it was in a weird spot and i couldnt get the cup to pop open so gave up and used the cloth pads. I then used it for the next two days because i was horse riding and then out at party. My cervix was really low which is common. It was rubbing at the vaginal enterance and really irritating me so i went back to cloth pads. The rim also felt uncomfortable. (I cut of the stem completely from this one as well as on my diva.

I think i need a shoter cup or something a different shape. I am in Canada. I am also petite (5'1") 125lbs. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks.
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