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Hey guys. I'm new here. I actually only heard of menstrual cups 2 days ago and today is my first day trying too. I'm in love so far, aside from a couple of irritating things I've come across, and hope someone may be able to shed some light on my issues.

Well, I've heard countless people on here saying things like "twist/turn the cup until it pops open" and "run your finger around the rim to check to make sure it opened" and "when removing it, grab the bottom to release suction"...

All those things sound great in theory, with one problem...there is literally no room up there for anything else aside from the cup. Every time I try to reach a finger in to slide it farther up, I can't get past the stem because of all the fleshy-ness around it. I'm not sure why it's so difficult, but it really hurts when I try and get a finger in between the cup and my vaginal walls. Like the worst burning I've ever felt, along with pinching my skin against the darn cup. This also happens when I'm removing it, I cannot grab the bottom of the cup. Thank God I left some of the stem on because I would still be in the bathroom right now! I grab the stem best I can with my fingernails and try to rock it down as far as possible, all while pushing like I'm giving birth (which I never have by the way), and even then it won't go too far before being sucked right back up. I just cannot get my finger in there to break the suction without pinching the living crap out of my lady parts. :( This part is very frustrating and takes forever.

So I guess my question is, does anyone else have trouble grabbing the thing? I've read a lot on here and haven't heard anyone mention it.

Twisting it is out of the question, I can barely grab the stem much less the base to turn it. Also my fingernails are sore from grabbing the stem and pulling with them. I'm glad I do have them because I wouldn't be able to grab it if I cut them, however I'm pinching myself! My nails aren't even that long. Just barely over my fingertips.

I'm just wondering because I haven't heard anyone else mention pinching their fleshy skin in there, everyone is talking about sticking fingers up there and twisting or pulling the base or squeezing the base and I'm over here like..owie! Haha.

Some general info for reference: I'm 23, married, no kids, Diva Cup small size, no leaking or other issues once inserted.

TL;DR Pinching myself during removal, fleshy skin in the way.
Katie Thompson on July 3rd, 2014 06:31 pm (UTC)
Yep, everything you said sounds like my experience. Except that I tried it in the shower, no good. If I could get it out quickly I probably could. But it takes so long that my legs get tired and start shaking (and I run about 6 miles/week, so it's not like my legs are weak). I have had better luck sitting on the toilet so I can concentrate on getting it in or out. This actually kind of sucks because if I ever need to do it in a public restroom I would have some serious anxiety about the public toilet. I'm a life-long hover-er and have never sat down on a public toilet, even with a seat cover.

Not to mention, I'm going camping this weekend for the 4th (the main reason I decided to try the cup in the first place!) and there is an outhouse. Literally a small wooden "room" with a hole in the floor and a giant pit under it. But at least I'll only have to do that at night. There is another campground nearby that has showers so we're going to have to sneak in in the morning to shower lol.