samoran30 (samoran30) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Cup User Needing Advice

Hello all!

I am a 17 year old virgin and I recently purchased a small lunette. I like the feel of it but I have realized that my cervix drops low (two knuckles in) during the first few days of my period. Additionally, the cup feels as though it is riding up when I wear it. I have tried to wear it inside out but this does not seem to help either problem. Does this mean I should get a bigger cup? I have been reading other posts and some have said that people with low cervixes sometimes find success with wider cups? I was looking at a small Meluna, mostly because it is shorter than the lunette, but I am very unsure as to what to do. I am going abroad next year and would love to be able to use a cup throughout my period without incident. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Tags: cervix position, inside-out, lunette, meluna

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