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Progress of second period with Si-Bell

The good news includes the fact that I snipped the first ball-thingy off my stem and felt instant improvement at the beginning. Also, that I didn’t have any real leaks except for the start of my second day, which was heavier than my last heavy day (roughly 25ml to last times’ 16mL/24hour). But I did manage to empty my cup and reinsert it twice at work, so I only need to do so in a public restroom (where the sink is separate from the toilet) to feel fully accomplished ;) Had a nice time at a party without a worry about having to change a pad or leaking from getting up and down and fidgeting in chairs too! I could appreciate only wearing pantiliners (even disposable ones) compared to pads because the one time I did use a pad (heavy day before I realized what was going on) I could just FEEL how sweaty it made me, yuck! No wonder I used to have a problem with a cystic pimple or two on my thigh crease that almost always flared up around my period. Snipped the stem another notch about 3 days in, and actually got the “wait, am I wearing my cup? I really can’t tell!” feeling. And no cramps at this point too. Woo!

But the first two days were rather unpleasant in comparison to the last couple days. I had that odd cramping that comes from the cup, but I think my normal period cramps were acting up and making it extra bothersome. I only had a few hints of that awkward uncomfortable ‘possible over suction’ or maybe it nudged my cervix, I’m still not too sure about which it is. However, because it is unpleasant enough that it made me consider switching back to pads just for that first couple of days, I want to fix it.

I’m wondering if maybe I still need to find a goldilocks cup that will not give me extra pain, as this part only got a bit worse from my first period (that time only lasted for like half an hour twice, not hours on end like this time). I’m wondering if it’s not inserted high enough perhaps? I cannot feel my cervix when I check for it, yet the barely clipped stem is not that high up. As I saw on the size charts, my small Si Bell is on the shorter and less wide groupings, so I was thinking to get something longer (to better fit my rather high cervix?) and wider (to avoid bumping my possibly oversensitive cervix? See, it doesn’t feel like it makes sense for both!).

The question is, am I right on my assumptions of what I need? I was thinking that two possible cups I could consider, following my suspicions, would be either a large Meluna or large Sckoon. Or should I actually just try a different cup with more similar dimensions, such as small Lunette or small FleurCup? I considered a midway difference, but it looks like the small Yuuki and small Mooncup UK are both not-so-very-soft, which I am honestly not sure if that would be a problem, or maybe the actual solution? Or is the fact that I did OK the last few days just mean my body is just having a harder time getting used to the cup on my crampier days? I am in doubt mainly because normally I only cramp every other month, and only every few months is it severe. But still, it doesn't normally last as long as it did this time :/
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