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The good news includes the fact that I snipped the first ball-thingy off my stem and felt instant improvement at the beginning. Also, that I didn’t have any real leaks except for the start of my second day, which was heavier than my last heavy day (roughly 25ml to last times’ 16mL/24hour). But I did manage to empty my cup and reinsert it twice at work, so I only need to do so in a public restroom (where the sink is separate from the toilet) to feel fully accomplished ;) Had a nice time at a party without a worry about having to change a pad or leaking from getting up and down and fidgeting in chairs too! I could appreciate only wearing pantiliners (even disposable ones) compared to pads because the one time I did use a pad (heavy day before I realized what was going on) I could just FEEL how sweaty it made me, yuck! No wonder I used to have a problem with a cystic pimple or two on my thigh crease that almost always flared up around my period. Snipped the stem another notch about 3 days in, and actually got the “wait, am I wearing my cup? I really can’t tell!” feeling. And no cramps at this point too. Woo!

But the first two days were rather unpleasant in comparison to the last couple days. I had that odd cramping that comes from the cup, but I think my normal period cramps were acting up and making it extra bothersome. I only had a few hints of that awkward uncomfortable ‘possible over suction’ or maybe it nudged my cervix, I’m still not too sure about which it is. However, because it is unpleasant enough that it made me consider switching back to pads just for that first couple of days, I want to fix it.

I’m wondering if maybe I still need to find a goldilocks cup that will not give me extra pain, as this part only got a bit worse from my first period (that time only lasted for like half an hour twice, not hours on end like this time). I’m wondering if it’s not inserted high enough perhaps? I cannot feel my cervix when I check for it, yet the barely clipped stem is not that high up. As I saw on the size charts, my small Si Bell is on the shorter and less wide groupings, so I was thinking to get something longer (to better fit my rather high cervix?) and wider (to avoid bumping my possibly oversensitive cervix? See, it doesn’t feel like it makes sense for both!).

The question is, am I right on my assumptions of what I need? I was thinking that two possible cups I could consider, following my suspicions, would be either a large Meluna or large Sckoon. Or should I actually just try a different cup with more similar dimensions, such as small Lunette or small FleurCup? I considered a midway difference, but it looks like the small Yuuki and small Mooncup UK are both not-so-very-soft, which I am honestly not sure if that would be a problem, or maybe the actual solution? Or is the fact that I did OK the last few days just mean my body is just having a harder time getting used to the cup on my crampier days? I am in doubt mainly because normally I only cramp every other month, and only every few months is it severe. But still, it doesn't normally last as long as it did this time :/
..::bella vita::..por_que_no on July 2nd, 2014 05:32 am (UTC)
Darn, if you hadn't clipped the stem I'd be buying that Si-Bell off you! Most of the stem snapped off mine and now I can hardly reach it :(

One possible source of your cramps could be that the cup is just the right diameter to fit tightly around a slightly dangling cervix...sort of like when you stack drinking cups and they fit so snugly together that you have a heck of a time pulling them apart. This happens with my Lily when it's the end of my period and my cervix starts to dangle a bit. (Last night the slight cramping was enough to get me out of bed to pull out the cup and spend the rest of the night with a liner). I guess the Lily is just the right diameter to fit snugly around my cervix--I can feel the cramping synchronizing with each tug as I'm trying to break the suction! (Every other day of my period, though, the Lily is great--no reaching up to practically my ribcage to find the stem!)

If you think the above may be your problem--I can't be sure based on your description--then yes, a wider cup would help, because it won't fit tightly around your cervix. I never had this issue with the Si-Bell but I think it's a little wider than the Lily and maybe I just have a really tiny cervix that fits perfectly into the Lily...
cideoncideon on July 2nd, 2014 08:15 am (UTC)
That might be it. I just wasn't too sure because it only bothered me when I inserted and had had it in, but I wouldn't get new or increased cramps when I would start to remove it at all.

Still, I guess it wouldn't hurt just to try a new cup. I guess this means I should try one not too similar in size, like the two mentioned larges?

Thanks much for helping me brainstorm!
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 2nd, 2014 01:24 pm (UTC)
Why would you think your cervix is high if you had to clip the stem?

"Not inserted high enough." ANY cup will eventually settle (O) around your cervix. The base of the cup will be relative to the length of the cup and the length of your vagina. So if the base is down low using a rather short cup then no, you don't have such a high cervix.

There's an old wives' tale that the more water you drink before and during your period, the fewer and less severe your cramps will be. Works for me. Will it work for you too?

"awkward uncomfortable ‘possible over suction’" No, there should not be suction. http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/2091967.html

If you want another cup, then judging by what you've said, a wider one might suit you. But not much longer.
cideoncideon on July 2nd, 2014 02:01 pm (UTC)
Because as I understand it, you measure using your finger and knuckles to determine, and I could never feel it. My fingers are on the small side of average, but not abnormally small that I thought they misguided me that badly. I thought it was a reasonable assumption? I figured my anatomy did not hold the cup perfectly vertical, so that is why I did not think that a high cervix and full stem always went hand in hand, I figured there was a bit of varied positioning involved.

I guess the exception is if the rim is too small, so it sits more like a hat than the (O) setting, huh? OK, one thing down then, but now it makes me almost want to see a gyn and be like, "Where is mah cervix?!" ;)

Water has helped my periods overall (before I started drinking water all the time, I would have a painful period almost every single time). And really, it is like a different set of cramps than normal. I really wish I could describe them better :/ I will give it a try to do an extra increase the week before though!

I guess I meant more like 'over suction' when it STARTS, since the cramping of that kind begins almost immediately once I insert my cup (maybe while I am washing hands or walking out of the bathroom). You did say "There is suction until the cup fills and opens fully". And yet the annoying pain stays longer than that. Ugh, perhaps I just need a better fold for me, or a less soft cup after all, though I honestly didn't think my pelvic muscles were that toned? Thanks for helping me consider that more.

Hmm, so what cup would you suggest? As far as this chart goes (http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/) there is nothing the same length as Si-Bell yet wider. Would 3mm increase in length be OK to try, just to get about 3mm for width (I'm considering the large Sckoon...gosh, now I hope it's not too soft)?
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 2nd, 2014 02:35 pm (UTC)
Measuring with your finger is to get an idea for your first cup. Now that you have one, use how that fits to determine whether or not it's right for you in terms of length, width, shape, capacity, etc.

If you Google cervical caps, you'll see that the largest diameter is still smaller than the narrowest cups so no, it's unlikely that a cup would sit "like a hat" ON rather than around your cervix.

If you're experiencing suction in the beginning then that tells me that it hasn't opened yet. Open it fully down low, then give it a boost up to where it belongs rather than letting it create painful suction until it feels like opening some time down the road. There are many helpful hints about how to do that under the insertion tag and also at the Commonly Asked Questions post.

I think your technique is more to blame than your cup -- but if you want another cup, go for it. In getting another, be confident in your choice. If you're not sure, then don't get that one yet. You'll always second-guess it. Or check out mc_sales for gently used cups that others tried but didn't like.
cideoncideon on July 2nd, 2014 02:54 pm (UTC)
Understood, but as it does seem it's my method that's throwing me off, I am given to trust my measurement better than the cup itself. But it does give it more weight for possible choosing of another cup.

I kept reading a lot online that it may sit awkwardly 'on' rather than just around (O) a cervix, as per other people's experiences. Just what I read, I have no way to be 100% certain of what's going on in my woman cave for sure, alas.

So flabbergasted. Leakage really feels like only residual slobber (honestly, not even a drop the last 3 days on my liners), so I didn't consider it much. But I guess my cup could have been like a partial 'C' so that it caught fluid well, but that loose inner curve was bothering at things. I will try the boosting bit, though that might take a few tries. I don't know why, but it feels like my pelvic bone juts in there more than I've read, so that I have to tuck the folded cup initially at my tailbone, then when I can barely feel that harder pressure, I curve/turn/something it a smidgen towards my umbilicus. Not a lot, just a wee bit, and I feel it slip past that area. I can only stir the base, not the rim (not sure if it's distance or angle of pubic bone that limits me most) so I can't even be sure when it's open instantly or later.

Drat, I was hoping for some advice to get more confident, such as if anyone may have experienced the same things with similar cups. I think I'll just wait and see how this paycheck goes. If I have some spare cash, I'll just take the plunge. I could always sell it if it doesn't work out.


Edited at 2014-07-02 02:56 pm (UTC)
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 2nd, 2014 03:29 pm (UTC)
Cup sizing is a lot like clothing. Just because it's "the right size" on the label doesn't mean it will fit. Sometimes you have to go a size up or down, or pick another style of dress.

Everyone is built a little differently. Everyone inserts and removes a little differently. The trick is to figure out what works best for YOU. In general, those who make sure it's open down low and then boost the open cup up have more success than those who shove their cups way up there and then struggle to get air in to open them up. Many cervixes are closer to the belly button than tailbone. Some are off to one side or another. Figure out where yours is and aim your cup accordingly. Despite minor leakage, if your cup is working, then you've found it. No need to change.

Cervical caps are designed to fit snugly. Their largest size is still narrower than the narrowest cup -- and that makes me doubt that so many people's cups are sitting on top rather than around. But I could be wrong.

If you get another cup and are more successful with it, I'll bet this cup will work better for you if/when you come back to it. I don't think it fits you badly. I think your technique just needs a little fine tuning. If you need to learn to do that with another cup, then so be it.