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My Experience with Luv Ur. Body Cup

I purchased a Luv Ur. Body cup several months back. I got the cup due to I was attracted to the fact that it was designed with those in mind who have uterine fibroid's. I got the large size as that was recommended not to mention I thought the medium would be to long. The large size Luv Ur Body is a large cup. I love the capacity but find that because of it's large size I am unable to wear it all the time. When I was able to wear it, it was comfortable for the whole cycle and never leaked! That was always a plus, no back up needed with the Luv Ur Body.
But Now I wish I had left it on the internet store shelf! Here is the TMI part, if I have any fecal matter in the intestine that is not ready to come down; this cup is so large and bulky that it is just no room on the inside and the cup will not go all the way in, it just pushes back out. I would have to strain to have a bowel movement if it is not ready which is not a option. If the bowels are not ready they are not ready. So the dilemma is trouble wearing it during those moments. So the past three months I have reached for my two faithful and favorite Goldilocks cups my MiaCup or the MCUK! When I did my last review on the Luv Ur Body on youtube I bragged about how lovely the cup was and I had found my new trusty favorite. Not anymore it is just to large and bulky. So this is just another cup to look at with the other collection of cups in my not so favorite stash.
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