inkednixie1331 (inkednixie1331) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Some advice needed

Hey everyone. I'm a first time cup user and friend I went to beauty school with inspired me to give these a try. So far so good I'm experiencing some leakage but that's mainly do to needing to learn more about my anatomy and the learning curve that comes with these cups. I'm using the diva 1 and the Lunette 1. I was scared the diva would be too. But it seemed to go in just fine on now my second day. But I was wondering am I supposed to feel the stem on them. I'm a little terrified of cutting them off. I'm scared that I won't be able to find it or have anything to grab on to. But the stem while not causing me pain it is annoying because I feel it when I move. Am I placing the cup in far enough or what? Right now the cup is sitting pretty close to being flush with my pelvic bone, I think. Any advice would be great. And sorry of this has been asked before I've read through most of the posts over the last few weeks but I can't remember seeing something about the stem.
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