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So I am nearly 21 (two weeks until my birthday, yay!) and sexually active. I got my first menstrual cup a little less than a year ago, a medium Meluna classic. I've never been able to get tampons to work because they seem to irritate my insides, so I've mostly used pads for my entire life. Anyway, I tried the classic Meluna for maybe three or four periods but never really managed to get it to properly open, no matter what fold I used. When I did get it to open it would always seem to "collapse" after a while even if I was certain that I had gotten the seal alright and everything.

A few months ago I decided to purchase a new cup, and ended up getting the Meluna sport in a size large instead. I've had much more success with it than I had with my other cup, so that's great news. Except for the fact that I pulled my copper IUD out with the cup?! That was a crazy story to tell my gyno... I'm pretty sure that the copper threads got stuck between the vaginal walls and the rim of the cup and somehow just followed along when I removed the cup. Quite traumatizing! Anyway, I am still experiencing some leakage that is most definitely not left over slobber on the vaginal walls. I think I might be missing my cervix? Because the leaks "feel" like they're just completely missing the cup altogether. I am pretty sure that I have an all over high cervix that doesn't seem to move around that much, even when I'm on my period. Off my period I can barely reach it when I push my middle finger all the way in (sitting down on the toilet). When I'm on my period it's still very high, although I can reach it much easier with my middle finger I still have to have my entire finger inside. It also seems to shift a bit to the left.

Any tips on how to make sure the cup is really around the cervix? I've been trying to feel around the base of the cup, but because my cervix seems to be so high I can't really feel anything at all. I try to aim towards where I know my cervix is, but I still seem to miss it. I also sometimes get the feeling the cup is trying to escape, if you know what I mean. Maybe the cup is a bit too long for me? I don't feel like it should be though, since my cervix is very high up? I've been trying to read through posts on here pertaining to my problem, and the FAQ but I can't really get any answers that helped me out much.

I recently got the Nexplanon bc implant in my upper arm, if that makes any difference. Hopefully it will make my period a bit lighter so maybe it will reduce leakage. I was just in no way or shape ready to go through the dreadful process of putting in another IUD after my experience!

Thanks everyone :-)
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on June 25th, 2014 02:42 am (UTC)
"... it would always seem to "collapse" after a while..."
That makes me wonder if it ever was actually fully open. MeLunas only have 2 anti-suction holes that help with popping open and removal, and they're kinda small. Many people complain they have a hard time coaxing their MeLunas open.

"I am pretty sure that I have an all over high cervix..."
"...sometimes get the feeling the cup is trying to escape [...] Maybe the cup is a bit too long for me?"
Compare your large MeLuna to the other cups at any of the size comparison charts at the Community FAQ. At 51mm in length, it's actually on the Short side of Medium. How's the length for removal? Maybe the length is OK but it's just not a good shape for you.

As for leakage, maybe you have a "dangly" cervix and it's taking up so much room in your cup that there is very little left for flow. If so, it would overflow with very little in the cup. How full is your cup when it starts to leak? A wider, higher capacity cup often takes care of leakage due to "dangly."

mc_sales is a good place to buy, sell or trade gently used cups that didn't quite fit right. Check the size/capacity charts to figure out what might suit you better and try gain.
elisamba on June 25th, 2014 06:49 am (UTC)
Generally speaking, if you can get your cup to open lower down, it will wiggle its way up to the cervix. If your cervix is high, this cup is definitely not too long (compare Diva, Gaia, Lily).

The leakage is probably from the holes. As I understand it, with too small or too few holes, the air inside the cup doesn't have anywhere to go when displaced by flow and forces its way up over the rim, taking flow with it. This particularly happens with clotty flow. You could enlarge the holes with a scrapbooking punch and/or add additional holes, to see if that helps.

But I would probably just go for a longer, poppier cup. As a high-cervix gal myself, I can recommend the Gaia.
Louice Johansson on June 25th, 2014 08:44 am (UTC)
The length is good for removal, I can easily grab the base of the cup to remove it. I usually grab the ring grip, pull it down just a little bit and then grab the base and squeeze to release it so I can easily get it out. Having it pop open was a problem with the classic firmness, but with the sport one I can get it to pop if I use the punchdown fold (sometimes a bit hard) or the labia fold. I don't think that I have a dangly cervix since when it leaks there is nothing at all in the cup, or extremely little. It just seems to get on the side. But whenever I feel if I missed my cervix and it's not inside the cup, I can't feel anything because I have a bit of trouble reaching my cervix to begin with, even worse when there's a cup in there.

I'll try enlarging the anti-suction holes and maybe putting two more on there since the Melunas only have two. Maybe that will help. If that doesn't work maybe it's time to start looking into another cup option! Thanks :-)
juliiie87juliiie87 on June 25th, 2014 04:11 pm (UTC)
I don't think your cervix is *that* high if you can reach it. have you tried feeling for it while squating down ? Should be easier to reach that way. Definitely work on your angle and folding techniques (labia and half diamond are pretty popular fool proof folds). Collapsing or caving a little bit is normal for Melunas, they just tend to mold to your insides so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just make sure to aim for your cervix.