Jess (pezzae) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Changing cups after kids?

Hi all,
I bought a Divacup about... 8 years ago? Back when the only common options were Divacup, Mooncup or Keeper. This community was super helpful in working out how to use the thing (still remember my first time trying to get it out, 2 hours of trying not to freak out!) so thank you everyone who was around then :) I had a small Divacup and it worked ok, though it always spotted a bit, but nothing a cloth pantyliner & pad for overnight couldn't handle.
2 kids later and I've basically had 5 years with very few periods. Now they've come back and the small Divacup is just not handling peak flow, especially overnight. So, time to get a new cup!
Obviously I probably need a bigger one. I never really liked the length of the Divacup as it tends to tilt sideways a bit and the stem pokes. So maybe not a tube stem? Or are stems less rigid and poky when they are longer with shorter cups, as most other cups seem to have? I want something with grip though as I'm worried about not being able to get it out! I like the idea of the ring pulls on the Melunas but are they still doing those after people reported them pulling off? Also I don't have the pelvic tone that I used to have, so I'm a bit worried about a stiff cup poking me in the bladder. I think I've got insertion down pat using the origami fold and then kinda pushing the side to let air in, so I don't think I need the stiffness to make it pop out. I'm in Australia.

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