coffee nut bitch (peiyu) wrote in menstrual_cups,
coffee nut bitch

Bubbling on surface of MoonCup UK

Hi everyone,

I have had my MoonCup UK for 5 years (in July!). I usually just use soap and water to wash it between uses during showers and between periods.

This month, I realised that there is some form of bubbling on the surface of the MoonCup, but only on the inside. They're really small bubbles that make the surface of the cup very rough. I am rather worried as I'm not sure if it's the silicone changing. Has anyone had this happen to their cups?

Should I get a new one? If I do, should I get the larger size one? I have never given birth and I'm turning 30 next year. The smaller size one works for me though.

Tags: cup lifespan

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