ylimeh (ylimeh) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My lunette hurts me?

About a month ago, I decided to buy a Lunette cup after intensive research. I was a little nervous because my cervix is so high up I can barely reach it at the beginning of my period, and the third day it's so low I can barely get half a finger in. So, on the third day when I was using my Lunette, I realized I couldn't squat, sit down, or do any thing of that nature without getting a sharp pain down there. It really hurt. I couldn't bring my Lunette any lower because half the stem was already sticking out, and even when I was just walking, I could feel my Lunette and still it hurt slightly. Any suggestions? I believe my Lunette was pressing against my cervix, so should I get a softer cup,like the Meluna? I don't want to cut off my stem, either, and I really want to use a menstarual cup.

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