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Tried everything to remove

I'm a 30 year old pre childbirth bicyclist. I've been using cloth pads and tampons (some reusable) without applicators for years, but I always appreciated the strings. Still, I'm no stranger to digging around. After a recent ride at the end of my period I decided that I needed to get things sorted before my long bike trip in a week. I got a large diva cup and decided to try it out before I got out on the road since I might start then. So I'm not actually on my period. I had almost no trouble inserting it with the punch down method. It seemed to pop right open, and...has been there peacefully ever since.

I've tried both hands. I've tried getting a finger up to release the seal. I've tried bearing down. I've tried standing, sitting, squatting, one foot on the tub (haven't tried other foot on the tub). I've tried reaching from the front or from the back. I can pinch the stem, and I can get at the base a bit, but not enough to really feel like I'm pinching it, and I can't get a good enough grip to pull at all from anywhere. I can't get a finger up to the top edge of it at all, maybe just about halfway up the side. I've tried relaxing, singing, resting with my hand up my vagina to relax more. The stem seems to sit just behind my pelvic bone and isn't that easy to grip from both sides. (I kind of have to coax it out a bit first). I have no significant other. My mom's a bit squeamish, and one of my best mentor friends reviews all of the charts at the local urgent care.

Barring more great insights into how to get this thing out, I'm considering just waiting the week or so until I start as I've read that it's easier when it's full and going to the clinic if I still can't get it out then. I've never had a UTI/yeast infection or anything of the sort, and I've never had any trouble with leaving a tampon in for a day or occasionally even two for a small one.

So, how stupid of an idea is that? And any removal tips (I know, relax!) or tips on cups that might work better (and why) are also appreciated! Thanks!
Tags: divacup, first time use, removal - painful or problems

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