eileen722 (eileen722) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Suggestions?

I've visited the size chart and I'm still a little stumped as to what cup to get.. I'm hoping for maybe some suggestions?
I have a small LadyCup and a Small Fleurcup. I like both of them but am not in love with either. I've had the lady for about 5 years and the Fleur for..2? 3? The problem with the Ladycup is that the capacity is pretty low for me and I find I have to dump throughout the day or if I don't it overflows and it leaks. The Fleurcup tends to leak for no reason that I can find, it just isn't prefect for me I think, and it sits pretty low (stem completely removed) and irritates me most times I use it, but capacity wise, its great.
So I'm looking for something thats fairly small/short but also has a higher capacity. Is there a such thing??
thank you all for your help!! and I'm so glad this community still exists! you all have helped me through cup decision number 1!

Tags: buying decisions

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