asmadasrabbits (asmadasrabbits) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Si-Bell Rim

I got my Si-Bell cup in the mail yesterday and was really excited to use it, I managed to use it all night last night with no problem. I took it out this morning and left it on a tissue to dry, and when I went back and looked at it the rim is really rough-looking. I guess I didn't really look at the rim too well when I scoped it out before I used it because I know it's not something I did - the only surface I ever set it on was the tissue (I washed it, it's definitely not dust). It looks a bit like it was scraped on something and there are really tiny strings of silicone coming off of it. Is this normal? I tried looking up pictures of si-bell cups and the rims look smooth, with a seam running down the middle which mine doesn't have because it's apparently been scraped off. If it's not normal, is it a problem? I don't have anything I can take a good picture with, but it looks a lot like the photo in this post except what's on the bottom of the rim isn't dust, it's little strings of silicone.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: first time use, si-bell

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