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It won't come out!! I tried EVERYTHING!

Hello All!

Apparently, I have an abnormally high cervix. This is something I found out when I used the disposable softcup. I figured since the DivaCup is so long, that I wouldn't have this problem. When I first put it in last night, it was very easy to take out and reposition. But I noticed later on in the night, it traveled slightly, but I didn't think much of it.

Fast forward to late morning and I can't get this thing out. I had to cut the stem a little last night because it was painful, but now I can barely grasp it. Bearing down helped a little, but not enough. I took a rest and the thing migrated again. A BM didn't help at all. I also can't reach my thumb far enough to help get it out. And I tried to reach the rim of the cup with my index finger so I could pull it down that way, but my finger isn't long enough! I then tried using my pointer and middle finger to fish it out, but I couldn't get a good grip.

I've been trying on and off for three hours now, so I don't know what else to do. I've read all of the advice here on older posts and the only thing I have yet to try is a spoon. I'm extremely tempted to try a metal crochet hook, but I guess I'll save that for desperate times.

I'm not panicking--yet because I had a similar problem with the Softcup, so I know it would come out eventually. It's just frustrating.

*Oh and I'm using Size 1 of the DivaCup, I'm 21 and sexually active.

Problem solved! First I tried the crochet hook, which just ended up pushing the cup further up. So I just used my index finger to create an airway. Once I heard the popping sound, I hooked my index finer around the middle of the cup and easily pulled it down (As if it was a Softcup). As someone suggested below, I might end up enlarging the suction holes on the rim a bit with a jewelry hole puncher to make removal easier.

I think my main problem was that I wasn't applying enough pressure because I'm used to Softcups that can easily tear if you pull too hard. Overall, I really like the DivaCup, despite the learning curve. I had it in for 12 hours and once I positioned it right, it only started to leak on hour 12! This is the second day of my cycle so I'm impressed.
Tags: bowel movements, cervix position, divacup, removal, sleeping

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