cideon (cideon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Progress note - Si-Bell with first period, day 2

Hey again folks :D

Just wanted to share my happiness that I think cups are my future, even though I've only used mine for two days so far, heh.

My dry runs were not very positive experiences, but I am glad to report insertion is TONS easier when I'm actually bleeding. Not just the inner lubrication, but either my opening is a slightly numb compared to usual, or easier to stretch. But I was able to hold a fold (have only done labia fold so far, but its seemed to be fine, so why mess with success?) far enough to only let go right about the point where one finger touched my pubic bone area, so the cup seems to have gotten high enough.

Still minorly crampy from the cup (I can tell because it instantly goes away and returns depending on if my cup is inside or out), but the benefits...OMG. Got to go see a 2hr long movie last night (Godzilla) without having to worry that my fidgeting would cause a pad to leak. Also did some extra training at work for out new psych unit which included a little non-violent defense/holding moves. Was grateful for the same reason AND that I wasn't worried someone might smell my period, as it can be rather strong if I've been sitting with a pad with minimal air flow.

I think I might have to clip the stem a little, as I can't so much feel the cup as I am pained by the very end of the stem almost constantly. The fact the little bite goes away every so often and I'm not leaking besides minimal residual slobber makes me think that it's in the correct place otherwise. Removal is working well, and I'm trying to practice gripping higher on the stem to make sure I won't have too many difficulties. I'm just waiting for the end of my period to make sure all is well before some snip-snip action.

Sorry this is a bit long, I'm just so excited and grateful to this little piece of silicone! And to you all for having such a great community full of information :)
Tags: chafing/irritation, first time use, si-bell, stem length/trimming
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