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27 May 2014 @ 09:56 pm
Hello :). I'm a relitively new user to memstrual cups and I'm on the search for "the one". I know everyone is different but I appreciate any and all suggestions :). My period is a little on the heavy side and i can use a super+ tampon in 4-5 hours. My cervix is high. At the moment i have a rainbow cup that I've been using religiously for the past 2 cycles. Everytime i go to insert it, it is a hassel. It. Never. Pops. Open. I've tried all the folds, but the cup is said "soft" and my vagina is holding the folds like thats the purpose. Besides when i half-ass-ly insert the cup in annoyance i dont feel anything. I'm a little shakey on using the size 2 cups but i may be able to make it work.

Honestly any suggestions? Anyone in similar shoes recommend anything?
curious_bunny_8curious_bunny_8 on May 28th, 2014 06:23 am (UTC)
Have you tried ALL the folds? Facing them up, down, to a side? Popping it open when it's all in, popping it while you can still hold the base easily with your fingers? Pulling it down a bit and pushing it back up? Are you remembering to keep your muscles relaxed when inserting?
Jennifer Monoteasy2begreen on May 28th, 2014 02:27 pm (UTC)
The Rainbow cup definitely doesn't open that easily. Part of the problem might be that there are just two holes and they are quite small. Can you try enlarging them a bit? I use the origami fold, make sure one hole is in the first big crease, and once it's past the pubic bone, push on my vaginal wall away from the fold. It sometimes still takes a bit of fiddling!

If you have a pretty heavy cycle, you might be better off with a slightly firmer and higher capacity cup. The small Fleur, perhaps?
sunnybeebop on May 28th, 2014 07:09 pm (UTC)
I have a large sckoon, and I LOVE it. As far as "large" size cups go its quite small. When I compare it with my small diva the diameter and firmness are VERY similar. But the lrg sckoon is quite a bit shorter than the diva. (I'm under 30 - no children btw)

Haven't had any problems getting it to pop open...normally I insert with the C-fold.. Just past my pubic bone. Then I pull it down to allow air to enter, then push it up into place.

Sckoon is a softer cup though... another poster suggested fleur, that is a similar shape but I think slightly firmer silicone?

If capacity isn't a HUGE issue, I know a lot of people like lunette and don't have much problem getting it to pop open. Lunette size small still has a good capacity amongst the small cups anyway!