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Fullness sensation, new user!


I have a small si-bell which I have found great to insert, remove, and to pop open.i think it's as close to a goldilocks cup as i can get at the moment, but i might need to trim the stem a little more. I put it in last night because i thought i saw a tiny speck of blood on my underwear, and i figured i might as well try my new si-bell. when i woke up, i removed the cup and lo and behold, aunty flo had arrived.

However, when it's in, I do get a "fullness sensation" that is slightly crampy. it's quite irritating because i need to do some work that requires 100% concentration. ): i usually am quite crampy during my period, but this fullness just feels like something else. It's quite uncomfortable, to be honest. So after i woke up, i changed into a disposable pad and felt much better (the pads where i am are pretty comfortable) and went back to sleep for 4 more hours. the pad was soaked when i woke up, so i decided to try the si-bell again. and the sensation came back, so i know the fullness is def from the si-bell.

Is this fullness sensation due to my body getting used to the cup? Is it something that would go away? Does anyone out there have the same experience?

I've invested so much in cups already, I really am quite desperate for it to be comfortable. nevertheless, this sorta still counts as a success story.
Tags: cramps, popping open, si-bell, success stories
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