leeta_beeta (Shelita Overton Alston) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Shelita Overton Alston

Looking for a new cup for a very low cervix

I am 35, I gave birth to premature twins by c-section. I have a very low cervix, half a fingertip/first knuckle in. It feels like my cervix is the length of my vaginal cavity and not very roomy in there.

Currently I wear the S lunette inside out. The stem completely removed, I have not problems reaching the cup, it is right at the entrance. The Lunette works, but i feel like i can find something better. I don't like the capacity, sometimes it peeks out. The cup also will not stay in when I exercise. The rim is a bit firm, but it is not the major concern. The only other cup I tried was the S diva cup, which did not work for me at all. It kept sliding out/hanging out. I even trimmed the stem quite a bit. It could have been inexperience... but I lost it before I could try to wear it inside out or to see if my problem was a lack of skill. Regardless, the S lunette definitely worked better.

So in search of a better fit/capacity... since I already have a small Lunette, do you think it is even worth trying a small Fleurcup or a S Si-bell - just to try a more rounder bottom, to increase capacity?

Am I crazy to consider going with a larger cup since I am already using a small cup? I have seen suggestions of going with a wider rim or more of a bell shape cup to accommodate a low cervix. Would you agree? If so, that leads me to think I should try a larger cup to get a wider rim - Therefore I am considering a Large Sckoon, Large Fleurcup or the L Si-Bell - softer cups/ rounder bottoms.

I kind of hesitate with the Fluercups and Sckoons because of the grips on the bottom, which could cause irritation since i am wearing cups so low already. but those can be smoothed/filed down successfully, right?

Any similar situations, suggestions, theories?

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