singular1590 (singular1590) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New to cups, help wanted.

I am completely new to using menstrual cups and I have been looking around trying to find a bit of help.

I'm currently using the diva cup size one. It (thankfully) have had no problems with leaking, but at times I can feel it inside me, and it is a bit uncomfortable. I feel like the size isn't quite right and perhaps it is a tad too big or wide for me.

I feel like I have a high cervix - At the start of my cycle, I can not feel it at all, and on my heaviest day I can JUST touch it if I strain to reach with my longest finger. The diva cup rides very high inside me, and at times I can barely feel the stem and have to bare down in order to shift it down a little more to get the stem out. It seems like you're supposed to wear menstrual cups quite low but it kinda just gets sucked up in there.

I've been looking into alternative options - the smaller sized lunette with the very long stem (which seems like a smaller cup and perhaps I wouldn't 'feel' as much, but would still be able to get out), or a medium or large sized meluna (I thought perhaps the medium would be too short but with the easier grip would help, and it wouldn't be as big).

My question is considering my problems, what cup would you suggest I try out? Additional information: I'm 24, have had no children or ever been pregnant, I'm 175cm tall and I'm not a virgin.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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