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what cup to try after 3 years? (dangly cervic, leakage, etc.)

Hi, I have been using the small diva cup for almost three years but now need a new replacement. And I hope to use this opportunity to tackle the leak issue. After looking at the following ad nauseum and

I decided that I should get something around the same length as the Diva but try different width, shape, stiffness, and/or shape. After reading some of the posts in the community, I believe I have a dangly cervix and a medium/long vagina length - because I can easily touch the nose within a finger's length but when I reach behind it, I cannot find the end. Posters with a dangly cervix have been recommended Sckoon, Fleur, and siBell. I have not read much about Natural Mamma or mooncup in the context of dangly cervix. I'm also looking for a cup with a rim size in between L and S Diva, as explained below I had trouble opening up the L Diva. Not sure if rim size was to blame though. I would welcome thoughts on that.

So now I'm deciding among the following but each has its own reservations:

Large Sckoon - shorter than diva
Large siBell/Fleur - rim larger than L Diva (& I had a lot of trouble opening a L Diva)
Natural Mamma (?)
Moon cup (?)

S Fleur/Sckoon/SiBell - too short/small?

Please help with comments on any of the above, dangly cervix, stiffness, etc. I understand that there's a lot of trial and error and there's a possibly that one can never completely get rid of slobber. But I'm managing my expectations. I just need to get what constitutes as the best guess and go from there.

Thank you so much!

more information below in case it's helpful:

I'm about 33, never had children, not a virgin. Some people say petite size could matter. But it's all relative. I'm about 5'3" & 115 lb. I'm athletic and exercise regularly but not at the level of a hardcore athlete.

When I first bought the diva, I bought the large because I was already over 30 years old. With the large size, I had trouble opening it up once it was inserted. I managed to have it open up only once but that was only when it ended up really high up to the point I almost couldn't remove it. I managed to avoid an emergency room visit but this scare made me put the Large diva behind me for good.

I then switched to the small diva. This was the size that I had been using for the last three years. I had no trouble opening it up once it was inside. One big problem is that it leaked periodically. I always had to wear a pantyliner. It doesn't leak horribly but it was still quite annoying. FYI, I only inserted the cup until the stem is close to the opening of the vagina but it always migrated up.

Now that I'm searching around for a new cup and I found that the moon cup size B and Natural mamma both have a rim size between the two sizes of the Diva. Other choices are included based on the comments of other posters.

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