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Have any of you had this happen? I was in the shower this week, trying out my new small MeLuna classic. I COULD NOT get the darn thing to pop open. I was trying everything I knew, different folds and everything. I've tried many cups and never had this problem. But the *bigger* problem is that for the last few days, after all the poking around trying to get the stupid thing open, I've been really sore and itchy down there. I couldn't even use cups for a while, it was just so irritated. Now my cycle is done, and I'm still sore and itchy. What would cause this? Could I have gotten some kind of infection even though I was in the shower and everything was squeaky clean? I've tried to take a mirror to see if maybe I scratched myself or something, and now it's healing, but I couldn't see anything. What a pain, literally!! Kinda thinking the small MeLuna is not my goldilocks, although I may give it one more shot next month, haha...