lily7676 (lily7676) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Will MeLuna Mini work for me?

Hey, I'm new to this Journal world, butI've been using a DivaCup for almost 2 years now, and I only have light cycles every 3 to 4 months because of birth control.
Every time I use my DivaCup, my cervix pushes it down to where I can feel it coming out (and I mean go good half inch to an inch outside of me) and if it happens to be tilted, it pushes down into a wall, usually the back one. This doesn't just happen when I walk, either, it's all the time and it gets uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

My question is, would the MeLuna Mini soft small work for me? I just need something short, my cervix even pushes tampons out.. when I push the cup or tampon back up, it feels very uncomfortable too. I'm 19, not a virgin, but I do have a small vagina with a cervix that likes to sit very low, and I can feel it about an inch from the entrance on a normal day. Bleeding is very light as well, I can never fill the diva cup in an entire day, so capacity isn't an issue, I just need a much shorter cup.
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, meluna, sizes/size issues
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