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Can suction alone pull out or dislodge an iud?

The Femmycycle says that it is safe to use with an iud. It does not say to break suction. The directions say to just pull it out slowly with the ring. The suction breaks as it comes out (kind of scary cuz it feels like you're gonna pull your vagina inside out). Could a cup lower an iud or take it out with just suction? Or is it usually because the string gets caught between the cup and your fingers?

This is my first time using a cup and my period is so much longer than usual and way more crampy...so I'm a bit concerned with my iud dislodging. The strings are there and I don't feel it poking out of my cervix, but I'm just a bit worried cuz the first few times I used a cup there was a lot of pressure on my cervix and some pain up there when pulling it out.
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