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Meluna classic leaks!

Hi everyone,

I've been giving menstrual cups a try for my last three periods. I got two classic MeLunas with ring stem, one in small and the other in medium. At the time of purchase I didn't realise that the medium would still be considered a small compared to other cups. I've been using the medium since the small one tends to travel around and get lost inside of me (I'm 23, no kids and not sexually active rn, but I have no problem getting cups in. I can relax my pelvic floor muscles easily). It's definitely too small for me. I'm thinking that the medium one might also be too small for me, so I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on this.

The medium isn't very secure on my first two days of my period, when my flow is heaviest. The capacity of the cup seems very little (I've been emptying it every 2 to 3 hours and it's at least half full) and it does not seal well which results in pretty big leaks. It is fully unfolded inside of me, so that's not the problem either. I still go trough 2 back up pads a day on these heavy flow days. I guess the blood leaks along the cup and makes it slippery. I do make sure to put it all the way up to my cervix, which isn't especially high or low, bit the cup still tends to move around a little bit (not as bad as the small one though).

After reading around in this community I found that more women seem to have an issue with MeLunas not sealing properly. The medium works fine for lighter days with little physical activity, so I think I'll keep it for those days.
Yesterday however was the last day of my period (my flow is extremely light) and I went running with my medium MeLuna, thinking that I would be safe. Luckily I wore a back up panty liner, because it leaked again. There was about 1/3 of blood in the cup as well. So yeah, whenever I participate in any kind of physical activity it tends to leak as well, no matter how heavy or light my period is at the time.

After looking trough this community I've found that a bigger, perhaps slightly stiffer cup could possibly work better for me. The length of the medium MeLuna is not causing me any problems, yet there's still some space left. I guess a cup which would be a few mm's longer would fit as well. Which ones would you guys recommend? I've seen people mention the Yuuki and MCUK already, would they be a good idea to try? I'm open to any suggestions really. The most important factor is that the cup seals really well and doesn't travel around. I don't want to buy tons of menstrual cups, because I can only use one at a time anyway and almost all need to be shipped overseas in order to reach me, so they would cost me a lot of money.
Tags: buying decisions, leakage & spotting, meluna, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, sports/physical activities

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