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09 May 2014 @ 12:40 am

I've been reading up on menstrual cups and I've heard positive things so I've decided to try them out! My only problem is that I live in Canada and my options are limited. Right now the ones I've heard recommended the most are Me Luna and Moon Cup, so if anybody could help me out in finding a place to buy either I would really appreciate it!!
Also I'd like to know if there's anything special I should know about sizes before buying one. I'm sexually active but I have no given birth, I think I should get the small starting size? Thank you for your help!
elisamba on May 9th, 2014 06:11 am (UTC)
The most important criterion is the height of your cervix on your period (it moves higher at other moments of the cycle). Use that measurement to get an idea of length on the size charts on this website. Only take into account the rim-to-base length, because you can trim the stem.

Afterwards it's mainly a question of taste, though I have read that the more pronounnced rims are better for less toned pelvic muscles, I believe. Also, smaller holes are better for more fluid flow, bigger holes for clotty flow. As for cup firmness, softer cups can be trickier to get them to pop open, but also bear in mind that firm cups are not necessarily springy, either.

There is a Canadian cup you might find on the shelf in health food stores, the Diva Cup. I think the Keeper/US Mooncup is also sold in Canada. Basically Keeper would be good for medium to low cervix and light flow (the large holds other brands' small capacity) and the Diva would be better for a high cervix. But actually, there are tons of brands you can order worldwide, some with free shipping. shop.menstrualcup.co tells you which ones have free shipping.

Just to give you some other ideas, the Fleurcups and Lunettes also get good reviews from beginners, a good combination of springy, soft or medium-firm, and capacity.
eltiteretista: mooneltiteretista on May 13th, 2014 07:19 am (UTC)
Thank you, this was rather helpful! I'm not exactly sure how to measure my size...and since each of the cups ranges around $30 it seems a bit expensive to go by trial and error, are there any methods for measuring that people have tried?
elisamba on May 13th, 2014 07:58 am (UTC)
Just use a finger, note how many joints are in, and use that to judge the height. The cup will go up a bit around the cervix so a little longer cup should be ok.
eltiteretistaeltiteretista on May 13th, 2014 08:00 am (UTC)
What about measuring the width? I'm a bit worried about that since the vagina can stretch the width can change
elisamba on May 13th, 2014 09:57 am (UTC)
Width shouldn't be a problem, you fold it for insertion and removal.
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on May 9th, 2014 11:22 am (UTC)
There are sizing guidelines at http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/ and even more charts at the Community FAQ. Figure out what brand you think will fit/suit you best and then order it from where ever it's made or a distributor. Cups are made in and shipped from all over the world so no, your options aren't as limited as you think. Even if you haven't ordered anything internationally before, don't worry, they've sold to Canada before. ;o)

Edited to add: "...small starting size..." No, there is no such thing. Get one that you think will fit, not necessarily a small one. Analogy: Even though you have size-7 feet, would you buy size-5 dance shoes just because you've never taken dance lessons before?

Edited at 2014-05-09 01:14 pm (UTC)
eltiteretista: mooneltiteretista on May 13th, 2014 07:29 am (UTC)
Thanks for the link, that helps me quite a lot!
Are you Canadian? I was hoping that a fellow Canadian would tell me what brands are easy to obtain over here
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on May 13th, 2014 11:44 am (UTC)
No, I'm not Canadian. US. I think the only cup you can buy locally is the Diva. You'll have to order anything else internationally. Pick out the cup you like best and order it directly from the manufacturer. If you want to compare prices, try Amazon and eBay. http://www.femininewear.co.uk/ is a popular distributor. There is also mc_sales for gently used cups that didn't work out for others.
Jilajilavsthestate on May 14th, 2014 04:37 pm (UTC)
im from canada and just bought a fleurcup directly from their site. so far its the cheapest i could find of all the brands since theyre currently having a sale and their shipping is quite cheap, even though its from europe. total came out to about $22 CAD (15 euros) and it arrived in exactly 2 weeks.
eltiteretistaeltiteretista on May 21st, 2014 06:43 am (UTC)
How much was shipping? I think I'll get the same brand!
Jilajilavsthestate on May 27th, 2014 01:41 am (UTC)
shipping was about $7.50 converted to CAD and the cup itself if about $15 CAD.